Sunday, February 2, 2014

With our experience with Elder Bednar in three different meetings this past week, I would like to write about that experience. We expected to have the usual well prepared talk given to us where we take notes and try to remember everything, but instead we were asked what we had learned from the articles we were asked to read prior to his visit. It was a spiritual experience to have those in attendance share their thoughts and then to have Elder Bednar expound further and engage the people in more interaction. The congregation was also invited to ask inspired questions with guidelines that Elder Bednar set in place so that people got right to the point without a lot of words.

I always have to write something down so I will share what stood out to me:
  • We are agents to act for ourselves and not objects to be acted upon.What can we invite our children to do to act versus making them do it.
  • We are all on the Covenant path and we are meant to learn from each other.
  • If you always do what you have always done, you will always get the same results.
  • Guide the discussion don't direct it!
  • Observe-Listen-Discern.
  • Intelligence is to apply what we know for Righteousness.
  • The Church is a laboratory of work in progress, not a museum of perfect people on display.
  • The Lord is hastening his work not us. The hastening of the work will go forth without us if we keep doing the same things the same way.
  • Advice in taking notes is to use "small plates" where we write what we learn by the power of the Holy Ghost versus "large plates" where we record what people say. It is about learning those things that have not been spoken.
  • The Holy Ghost teaches people, not lessons. We need to allow ourselves to 'get out of the way' in our instructing. People need to be spiritually independent.
  • Knowing the WHY changes the HOW.
  • Doctrine & Covenants 88:122 is the guideline for the Lord's pattern of teaching.
  • There are 6 places in the Book of Mormon that teaches the Lord's pattern of "one by one".
  • How do you know it is the Holy Ghost speaking to you? The Holy Ghost will tell you what you don't want to hear!
  • Spiritual Gifts are not trophies-they come when God knows he can trust you.
  • Faith is a principle of action-Fear is sitting and doing nothing. Faith focused in Christ overcomes all things.
  • We are yoked to the Savior by Covenants-the burdens don't go away, but we are made capable in the doing.
  • Knowing the Gospel is true is the essence of a testimony. Consistently being true to the Gospel is the essence of conversion. We should know the Gospel is true and be true to the Gospel.
  • 5 foolish virgins took their lamps of testimony but took no oil of conversion with them. 5 wise virgins took oil of conversion in their vessels with their lamps of testimony. Oil of conversion cannot be borrowed. Each of us must "buy for ourselves".  2 Nephi 28:30  D&C 33:17
  • Deepening conversion will prepare you for persecution- persecution is a refinement.
  • We should become and remain worthy conduits through which the Spirit of the Lord can operate; we are not the light. We should not draw attention to ourselves in the way we teach as this is a form of priestcraft that inhibits the teaching effectiveness of the Holy Ghost.
Although not everyone could ask their questions or respond with their feelings about the articles we were asked to read, I am sure that answers came to their questions and mutual feelings were shared because,simply put, that is the way the Holy Ghost works. The Lord's pattern for teaching takes desire, persistence, and much prayer to acquire.

The time spent with an Apostle of the Lord, where the mantle of that Apostleship was evident in every way, was wonderful. This is one of the 'treasures' of serving a mission that makes the sacrifices so worth it. I have come to know what I know in the doing of it. The "Law of the Harvest" has been a focus of mine for as long as I can remember and it has served me well.

We received word this last Tuesday of Elder Dennis and Sister Sheryle Crisp who will be replacing us in the office. They will be a strength and blessing to the mission and we look forward to the time we will spend with them in getting accustomed to their responsibilities. They are from Mesa Arizona, and have family ties to Tuscon which is where my family originates from. We served with a couple in the St. George Temple by the name of Crisp and wonder if there are ties there. Who knows what interesting findings will come as we spend time with them. They are excited to come and have been an answer to many prayers. In the meantime, there is work to be done and that includes our favorite; apartment inspections!!

With love,
Sister Avery (mom,grandma)

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Chad said...

I always save reading your weekly blog entries until I have time to really read and savor it. It's Saturday evening, and I finally found that time this week. Oh, how grateful I am that you take the time to share such precious stuff! I loved the quotes from Elder Bednar. As I keep a regular journal eye really liked this one: "Advice in taking notes is to use "small plates" where we write what we learn by the power of the Holy Ghost versus "large plates" where we record what people say. It is about learning those things that have not been spoken." Far too often I catch myself recording just what has happened that day instead of what I might have have learned by the power of the Holy Ghost. I felt the Spirit witness to me over and over as I read your notes. I love being edified that way. I have been reading, pondering, and putting the finishing touches on the lesson I am teaching tomorrow. I appreciate many of the things that you shared in this entry because they will help me even more tomorrow. Thanks again for taking the time to write it down and share it with us. I sure love you!