Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ghana has a lot of holidays that they celebrate. In fact, I think they have a holiday just for the sake of calling it a holiday, and of course, to have a day off to celebrate. I also think it is not about what they celebrate but how they do it that makes it important to them. Anyway, I have been a little surprised that they too recognize Valentines Day. It was fun to hear 'Happy Valentines Day' as we went about our day. We enjoyed the evening by going out for pizza with couples that serve from the area office.
Mama Mia's is in Osu and to describe the traffic there on a Friday night is simply indescribable, but maybe I am too tired this afternoon to even try. I guess there are those who would want the adventure to see what I am talking about, but then they are probably the ones who would delight in going on a Safari too. You know, the one where there are rhinos who probably would think nothing of taking off the bumper of your vehicle. About the only thing I can even say somewhat cheerfully is that I had survived another day.

The primary classrooms in Senchi cannot be entered from inside the building. Because the classroom  is entered from outside the building, we have unusual guests that can enter at any given time. Most of the time the goats and chickens run away when people are around, but today a chicken got locked in one of our classrooms. When it was brought to our attention and the door was opened, that chicken literally flew out the door, greatly relieved to be free.

As we were returning from Senchi today, we could see dark clouds forming. We always welcome rain to cool the temperature a little, so we have been hoping for rain. Well, it has just started to rain and I love the sounds it makes as it hits the metal roof.  I just heard thunder! I have always loved the sound of thunder. As I mention this, I think of the primary lesson today about Noah. I don't think I have ever seen a rainbow here in Ghana but the promise I spoke to the children about in primary today is still true. They must have seen rainbows because when I drew it on the board they knew what is was. We learned of the importance of listening to and following the counsel of our prophet.

Speaking of following our prophet, we had an unexpected experience yesterday in the mall. We had gone to Kpong to some District Meetings and stopped at the mall to put time on our internet device and get a few groceries. A couple approached us and asked what is means to belong to that church,  while they pointed to our name tags. It was noisy in the mall, but as we shared and as they replied, we heard enough from them to know that they did not see the need for a living prophet and apostles on the earth today. They could get all the direction they needed through prayer and only prayer. They were from Nigeria, here in Ghana on some type of business. We did have a Article of Faith card on us and they willingly took it, or at least she did. I am so grateful for the counsel we receive from our Prophet and Apostles and would not want to be without it for a moment. We will probably never meet this couple again, but I hope their eyes will be opened someday and they will be receptive to add more truth to the truths they already have.

I am starting to make the preparations for the missionaries being release in April. It is quite a process and does have to be started early. We will probably have ten going home and only two coming. Every Tuesday, we look for new missionaries on our email that will be coming to our mission and we have not received any for quite some time now. We are opening new areas with missionaries and this brings the hard decision of which areas have to be closed to accommodate the need in other areas. I have already received baptismal records for Kpando and it has only be opened with missionaries since January 22nd. An area we want to open on the transfer in March, already has people waiting to be taught and even baptized, as the branch there has been doing their missionary work. Ghana is truly a special place to be serving as the Lord is Hastening His Work! I am sure other couple missionaries feel the same way about their missions and are seeing wonderful things happening in their missions.

Well, it has been a good day and as the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end."

With love,
Sister Avery (mom,grandma)

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Chad said...

You make me smile and laugh! Even when you are tired, you paint a vivid picture with your narrative of your day and week. I feel like I'm almost there with you living each thing that you talk about. Thanks for taking the time to be so descriptive and sharing such good stuff. I sure love you guys!