Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our precious Jovie joined our family on January 21st. I do not know how to move pictures from an email to put on a blog but Ruth and Ben have posted pictures on face book. Her big brother Cooper  sings and talks to her and little Avery looks on with curiosity. I was able to phone Ruth several times during the course of her labor, which helped to ease the longing to be near them. We are just so happy she is here and that all is well.

The transfer this past week brought a lot of changes with companions and also missionaries receiving calls to be district leaders, zone leaders, and trainers. We have a new Assistant to President Judd, Elder Izekor, and a new Office Elder, Elder Nash. We also have a new Sister Training Leader, Sister Kalola. They have stepped into their new responsibilities with confidence, and it amazes me how smoothly it happens. A mission certainly is a great training experience for these young men and women, if they forget themselves and put all their heart, mind, and strength into this marvelous work. We are proud of them and I am sure their lives are pleasing to the Lord.

We had changes in Senchi also with our missionaries and the two of them were asked to bear their testimonies in Church today. We still have all American missionaries there and the local members can just change their 'tune' about it because they should not be questioning the inspiration needed to place missionaries where they are needed. I have had moments where I have questioned placement of certain missionaries I admit, and I have had to remind myself that I have no business doing that. I can only imagine the prayers that must go into these kind of decisions. I have enough just keeping track of what I have to do on this mission without speculating on all the rest.

We are all looking forward to Elder Bednar and Elder Clayton's visit this coming week. It is sad that the members outside the Greater Accra Area are not able to come because of the distance and expense of travel. How blessed I feel to have access to so much information on the computer and these dear people don't even know what could be available to them. I feel that their part in 'Hastening the Lord's work' is hinder by not having access to inspiring influences that would assist in their own motivation. This just shows how much couples are needed to assist in moving the work forward.

My companion and I attended a baptism on Saturday of the husband of a woman that we buy fruit from. His name is Simon and her name is Juliana. She was the original referral and seemed slow to give time for the missionaries. In the meantime, her husband became interested and came to the waters of baptism first. She and their son will follow soon hopefully. It has been a long process and with the several different sets of missionaries and Elder Avery continually asking about this family, it is good to see the 'fruits' of this effort. We have others that we have referred to the missionaries and we may or may not see whether they accept the gospel, but it still is a gratifying experience to be involved in this little way. I become more and more converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ each day as I strive to do His will and not my own.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)

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Chad said...

Wow, Elder Bednar! You are so lucky! Wish I could be there to enjoy it with you. In the meantime, thanks again for sharing your feelings and thoughts. I love reading and pondering upon the things you say. It helps to increase my understanding and perspective of life and its many vicissitudes. It's a wonderful journey!