Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Even though there are not many missionaries coming thus far, there is still much to do to prepare for the new year and close out the old. That just brought to mind a hymn that is not sung very often and especially would not be sung here in Ghana. The words to "Ring Out, Wild Bells, are by Tennyson and speak of letting go of those things that did not enlighten us and embrace those truths that will give us hope and direction for the future. It speaks of being valiant and using our agency to love more and do all in our power to rid the world of darkness by bringing the light of Christ to all people.
For a new year there is the mission calendar to prepare, begin a new written history and complete the last details of 2013 history to be ready to send to those who compile all the mission histories. There are plans to be made and buildings to be scheduled for Zone Conferences, Mission Tours, etc. It is good to always see the work moving forward and progressing.

Elder Vinson, counselor in the Africa West Area Presidency and a Seventy, will be conducting a Mission Tour this month and has asked the missionaries to prepare for that by reading four talks. 1. "Converted unto the Lord" by Elder Bednar 2. "Desire" by Oaks 3."You can do it now" by President Uchtdorf 4."That we might not Shrink" CES devotional by Elder Bednar. It sure has been good reading and I look forward to the instruction by Elder and Sister Vinson. This is such a blessing to the mission and the missionaries.The only thing that keeps a missionary from having a strong testimony and truly converted to this work is the lack of obedience. President Monson has said that "The Great test of this life is Obedience" and that is counsel for all of us.

I have been tallying up the scores on the apartment inspections so awards can be handed out during the mission tour. I have made the certificates for all but am having a hard time on one of the zones. There were several winners and I am waiting for Sister Judd to decide if we should give out more than one winner in this zone. The difference in apartment cleanliness has about as much variety as there is in personalities. Parents could save a future office couple a lot of work by teaching there sons how to clean and organize their belongings. The missionaries have had many a demonstration on some of their shower tile and I get many a surprised look when they see the difference. They just had no idea it could actually come clean. Weekly cleaning far out weighs the work required to bring results after a month or so of very little effort. Missionaries have found that a toilet brush can be a great tool for them once I show them that the bowl is not stained after all. I have had some very interesting experiences but will certainly not write a book about missionary apartment inspections.

I am grateful for what this mission is teaching me and hope I am becoming a better person in the process. I don't always make today better than yesterday but I know repentance works and I use that precious gift every day. Moroni 10:32

With love,
Sister Avery (mom,grandma)

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Chad said...

Some of your comments made me smile as I remembered what my apartments were like on my mission. In our mission handbook I specifically remember one sentence that said: "Moss is not a natural part of your shower. You need to clean it out." :-) As you can imagine in the Northwest with all of its rain/moisture, there were some pretty interesting things growing in some of those showers. :-)
I love the principle of obedience, and that reading list for the mission tour sounds awesome. What a neat thing that you get to be a part of all of this. I rejoice in your accomplishments and opportunities. I am so proud of you guys.