Sunday, January 12, 2014

There are two things I did not eat before my mission; peanut butter sandwiches (too many other good choices) and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Ground nut paste (peanut butter) and jam sandwiches have become a staple on Sundays when returning from Senchi. On our Saturday shopping day, KFC indulgence has happened a few times when we didn't have time for the long wait that occurs at most eating places. Even though it actually tasted good, after peeling off the 'skin', I will certainly not be tempted to make it a habit.

I have been teaching the children in Primary the Plan of Salvation and how Jesus was chosen to be our Savior. They listened well enough but had difficulty answering the simplest questions, except for Agbeve, one bright young man who recently joined the church. The missionaries taught him well as he understood more than the other children. This must be the first time they have heard this doctrine, and even though I present it simply, it is not comprehended as well as I hoped. I continually strive to encourage the children to not just sit there and take in information but to be able to explain it so I know that they understand. The lessons in Sharing Time and our Primary lessons compliment each other so I have to believe the understanding and application will come.
I am doing less in Primary on purpose so that the newly called counselors will grow in their confidence and ability to teach. I will never get use to their approach with the children, but I am hopeful that as they grow in the gospel, that will improve. They are such good women and the children are so worth everything they can do to teach them the way the Savior taught. Now we just need someone to be the music leader because the children do enjoy the music and I have enjoyed it with them.

The last few weeks I have been teaching a young man (25) piano. He is a welder by trade and a strong member of the Church. He teaches the young men and women in Sunday School and is in the presidency of that organization. He came to me wanting to learn and I so with my companion needing to stay after the normal meetings for more meetings, I am teaching Patrick during that time. I pray that he will learn fast and I told him that he really needed to practice diligently. I also told him that he had the responsibility to teach others in the Branch and he should not take that lightly. Brother Ganyo, another young man and the Branch mission leader, is borrowing the book and trying to learn also. I will probably never know the outcome of all of this but I hope it will benefit many over the years. Oh how blessed I am for my dear mother and her persistence in my learning to play. To have had someone to teach me in the small community I came from, was also a blessing.

We were informed by President Judd that the Missionary Committee decided on a couple to replace us. They have yet to receive their call and to accept, but the answer to a dear eight year old grandson desire to fast and pray for our replacement was granted. I hope you always remember Xander, that our Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them in a way that is best for us. If all goes well, this couple should enter the MTC March 10th. We continue to add our prayers to that of a young boy who exercised his faith.

Our missionaries in Senchi told us that the Mission Tour on Saturday was wonderful and lifted them so much. They were impressed with Elder Vinson, who is new to his calling as a counselor in the West Africa Area Presidency. We, and the missionaries in this area, look forward to our turn to be taught on Tuesday. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the articles we were asked to read in preparation for this and express gratitude for such wisdom and counsel expressed in them.

I have enjoyed reading the life of Joseph Fielding Smith, our study for this years 2nd and 3rd Sunday lessons. How blessed we are to have had, and continue to have, such great men to lead the Church. They love the Lord and so desire for us to live more fully the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we must, we simply must.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom,grandma)


Naomi said...

Mom, I can't imagine you ever making either of those foods a habit :) Xander was so excited when I read your words about a couple replacing you and you being able to come home as scheduled. I love you both

Chad said...

I always love reading your blog entries. The things that you are doing for those Primary children and their leaders is phenomenal. There is no doubt in my mind that all of your efforts are bearying and will continue to bear fruit long after you are gone. The same will be true of the piano players you're training. Of course they will need to do their part, just like you did years ago as a young lady. But you have planted the seeds and there will be a harvest someday. What exciting stuff!