Sunday, December 29, 2013

We had an enjoyable and very simple Christmas Day. It started at 7:30 am feeding breakfast to Elders Oguche, Udofia, Nelson and Brother Dornor (ward missionary preparing for mission). They live next door to us as we never received the missionary couple that was scheduled to live there. We had a ham breakfast casserole, fruit salad of all the fresh fruits we can get here, and a chocolate bread.The missionaries ate hearty and then went to their "White Christmas", which means a baptism. It is truly a special thing when the missionaries have a baptism on Christmas Day. Christmas celebrations, if there is any, are very simple here,  and so to take that day and be baptized does not take them away from any other activity.
I did some laundry after breakfast and then we came to the office to do some things and prepare to skype with some of our children. Sister Judd, after the baptisms, asked us, the Assistants, and the Office Elders over for a Brunch and we enjoyed visiting with each other.
It was so fun to see the Escobedo family, Hipple family, and Nolan's family as they showed us their presents and just being able to look into their homes and enjoy the sweet spirit there. Jason emailed us of the delightful but crazy Christmas morning with his children. Ryan and two of his boys skyped with us the next day. The Shelton's just moved into their home and did not have internet so we will look forward to when we can connect with them. We will be skyping with Nathan's family tonight from Texas instead of Michigan, as they are visiting family there for the Holidays. So grateful for our family!

The picture below was taken at our Christmas Conference. There sure is a lot of us and the backdrop of the Accra Temple is barely visible. I did not really pay attention to how many US missionaries we had until I saw this picture. These are all special missionaries and we are proud to serve with them. (picture can be clicked on to enlarge)

I was disappointed with our Sacrament Meeting today. I am really grateful that last week when the Minister of another church visited Senchi that is was not today. It was more the kind of talks that should have been given in a 5th Sunday Priesthood, Relief Society meeting where instruction and correction is given. Oh the baby steps that have to be taken and I want them to take giant ones. I am sure getting lots of lessons in patience.

After reading Elder Perry's talk given during the Priesthood Session of General Conference, I decided that the primary children needed to be serious about learning the Articles of Faith. It will be a slow process but we need to be consistent and the learning will come.
Elder Ballard's talk on member missionary work/hastening the work of salvation was inspiring. Even though we have had experiences where we have opened our mouths and shared the gospel here in Ghana, I want to make sure that I continue with that same attitude when I return home.

Saturday morning we had the choice opportunity of attending the sealing of the young couple, Richard and Akpene, that was married a while ago. I had pictures of their traditional wedding on the blog. We also attended the session with them and sure would have like to see the new film but there was one woman that needed the language headset. Oh well, hopefully another time.What a blessing to have the Accra Temple to attend. Our first mission we could not attend for the full year that we were there as it was outside our mission boundaries. We appreciate blessings more when we experience having to be without them for a time. I hope I always remember that.

We will skype very soon so must be ready.
With love,
Sister Avery (mom,grandma)

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Chad said...

We are so blessed to have the gospel. I can't even imagine life without it. It's fun to hear of your doings and appreciation for all of these great blessings.