Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Liahona for November finally arrived and it was good to read the talks this morning as we traveled. I mentioned last week about our couples conference and was not sure why it was called a conference. After reading Elder Hales talk, I feel it must be about strengthening faith and testimony, in the lives of each other no matter what setting we are in. If we are receptive to the Holy Spirit, our faith and testimonies are certainly strengthened by each others experiences whether on a mission or not. I am grateful for the wisdom our leaders, and a bonus is that it helps to take my mind off the traffic as we travel.

As we go to the different areas to do apartment inspections etc., I have found the names of the small business along side the road to be quite interesting. I started writing a few of them down and thought I would put them here so I would remember them when I write my history of serving in Ghana: God is King Metal Work, God's Favor Cold Store (where meat is kept cold for purchasing), God is Great (on an air tank for when people have flat tires), Merciful God Vulcanizing (repairs tires I think), Jesus is the Way P.O.P Shop (not sure what the initials are for), Glory Land Landscaping, Zion Brothers Barbering Salon (sometimes we see salon spelled as saloon), His Excellency Farms, God's Finger Farm, The Synagogue Boutique, First Star Shoe Shop, God is Able Enterprises. The schools have interesting names too but I only have a couple of them: Rising Soul School, and Goodness and Mercy Academy.  I feel these names reflect their belief and even shows their gratitude for the opportunity to have a way to make a living.

Transfers are on Tuesday and Wednesday and we only have four departing and two arriving. We don't know quite how to act with such a small group compared to the 29 missionaries we had come in October. I haven't had as many letters and file folders to prepare, and we can hold the training at the Mission Home rather than scheduling the Area Office. It actually brings a feeling of relief at this time.

Two new Branches, Odumase and Asutsuare, were created last week in the Kpong District, which is the district Senchi is in. I know the Church is growing here but still the Branches struggle with new converts remaining active. I am sure this is world-wide for there to be so much emphasis put on member missionary work. I sometimes wonder if the people here all had access to the websites the Church has if it would make a difference. They just don't have that blessing, but I must hope for a future time for them. I hope my children and grandchildren are taking advantage of the technology and strengthening themselves with the powerful messages that are at their finger tips.

In the Mission Home Complex we have two very faded banners and I have been assigned to have new ones made to replace them. One of the banners (ideas from President and Sister Judd) will read, "The Great Test of This Life is Obedience" which comes from President Monson's April 2013 Conference talk. The second banner will be a picture of the Christus and will have the scripture from Moroni 10:32 on it. This is my first experience in this and with the help of others, I was successful in finding a business to do this and will meet with him tomorrow to finalize how it is to be done. I hope we can communicate well enough to get this right. Sometimes the things I am ask to do stretch me more than I think I am capable of, but I have learned by going forward and hope this will have the same outcome.

Sing along with me to "Lion sleeps tonight": In our mission, our mighty mission we always choose the right. In our mission, the Accra mission we serve with all our might. (Awee mo eh 16 times then Wee de de de de de de de de de we always obey 2 times.) In the handbook, our small white handbook our conduct is outlined. In the handbook, the mission handbook the world is left behind.(repeat the above) Book of Mormon, the Book of Mormon is not for just a few. Book of Mormon, the Book of Mormon we testify it's true! Hup Hup  (repeat the above).
I think us old couples will be a hit at the Christmas Conference Ha Ha.

I felt the children in Primary today had a spiritual experience with the Law of Tithing. I am grateful I could bear testimony of the truthfulness of this and express to the children that I have always paid tithing from the time I was the age of some of them. I told them that the blessings are not the same for each of us, but the Lords blesses us with what we need. I asked them to trust Heavenly Father. They listened intently to the stories of others who have been blessed by paying tithing. They learned that the one tenth we pay comes back to us in the way of temples, church buildings, lesson books, etc., and how much their Heavenly Father and Savior love them. Such choice children!

With love,
Sister Avery (mom,grandma)

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Chad said...

Such a great blog entry—I felt the Spirit throughout it! Thanks for taking the time to share such good stuff. I loved the names of the businesses. It sounds like so many of them are religious or believing people. That is good. I also enjoyed the words to the song you are going to sing. That is very clever and made me smile. Thanks for sharing!