Sunday, November 10, 2013

We had our first and last experience attending a 'traditional wedding'. It was interesting but very long and most of it spoken in Twi.  A young man we know from the Kpong Branch interpreted for us briefly what each part of the ceremony meant. I understand this was a mild version of what most of these traditional weddings are. If you are interested at all, I am sure you can google it as it is quite lengthy to explain.
The groom has worked for us in getting items for our missionary apartments, so we have got to know him quite well. He also has worked for the West Mission so he invited Elder and Sister Wall also. They are the office couple that we trained back in June. The wedding was in the Kpong area and since we know that area we took the Walls' with us.
After the 'traditional wedding', there was a marriage at the church also, where the branch counselor married them and certificates were signed. It also was lengthy even though the speakers had good advice for the couple. We left after this was over and didn't wait for the picture taking event.
We decided to stop at a restaurant that we heard had good food, as we had not eaten since we left Accra and it was now 2:30. Sister Wall and I made a good choice but the men were not as pleased with their meal. We joked about how long it took to get our food, saying that they must have had to catch the chicken and fish before they could prepare it (actually we understand that all the restaurants here take a long time.)
I took some pictures but my camera is at the apartment as we came directly to the office after arriving back from Senchi. The headresses that the woman wear are exquisite and they look so good in them. I would look simply silly! The picture that was the most delightful to me, was of a small boy who found his way to my companion's lap and stayed for the longest time, laying back against his chest and touching his ear. Some of the children here won't even shake our hands, but then others do just what this little boy did and it is something to treasure for sure.

Other than our usual Monday apartment inspections, helping with the constant apartment and missionary problems, missionary life has slowed down somewhat. We have only two new missionaries coming in December and 4 going home. Our January and March list has a few coming and will probably grow, and so far, these have been only Africans. We have people, in areas where there are no missionaries yet, interested in the gospel. They are finding out through facebook and other internet sites. This, of course, is wonderful but can be disappointing when we have to inform them that they will have to wait for the time to come.

 All of the couples for the whole mission are getting together for a Thanksgiving dinner which will be nice and help somewhat with not being with family. Christmas is just around the corner and we will have all the missionaries come to Accra for a mission Christmas Conference on December 19th. Christmas just doesn't seem like Christmas without cold weather and bare trees, but that just doesn't happen here. With as many people that basically live on the streets, it is good that they have the weather they have.

This week will be sandwiches for lunch because being gone Saturday left no time to cook. I am sure grateful my companion doesn't complain and certainly has not gone hungry. We really do feel blessed and it really is not as bad as some might think. I am just grateful that there is quite a lot of variety that has come to Accra from Europe and other places. The prices of everything is really going up though, as I am sure they are at home too.

Well, it has been a good Sabbath Day and I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I still have much to learn and understand, but I feel my heart is in the right place. Life is really hard sometimes, but then it is only hard, not impossible.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)

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Chad said...

I love reading your blog entries each week and feeling of your sweet, powerful spirit. You really are a good person, and I love hearing about your desire and experiences to keep learning and improving little bit by little bit. I think I share your quest for knowledge and understanding and striving to improve. I believe they are good qualities and that they will prove to be a great blessing to us and ours. Thanks for sharing. I sure love you.