Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is the wedding we attended last week. The groom is in the green wiping his face as it is very hot and people always carry a cloth for that purpose. His parents are sitting directly behind him. His mother was a striking woman and had facial features more characteristic of the island people like Samoa.

This is Richard and Akpene. We saw him a few days after the wedding and he really is very happy even though his face here is serious. We have been impressed with his positive attitude about their future and they both are working very hard to accomplish their goals together. He has visited with the Temple President to make the arrangements for them to be sealed the 31st of December. This country does not recognize a Temple Marriage so they must be married civilly/traditionally first, and if they make arrangements within two weeks of their marriage, they can be married in the temple. 

This is that sweet boy who found his way to my companion's lap. I was not quick enough to get the picture of him touching his ear. My camera was having battery problems and I was lucky to get these.
The woman with the orange microphone is Akpene's mother and is giving them advice.

We just received another wedding invite from William, who is one of the security people at the mission home. I am glad these young people are getting married at a much younger age than most Ghanians. The Gospel is making a difference with that.

I recently read on the lds website that the Relief Society and Young Women's general meetings are being replace with a semi-annual General Women's Meeting. It will now include the young girls from the age of 8 years and up, where before it was 12 and up. I think that is a wonderful change and feel there will be great blessing come from that. I am sad, though, that these meeting are not seen by the most of the people here because not that many have access to or can afford computers and internet. Senchi now has a young mother who is the Young women's President and she is doing a wonderful job. She is knowledgeable with computers and should be able to download meetings like this and show them to the women/girls of the branch. I want to at least hope for that possibility.

If I am caught up on entering baptismal records, etc., I will watch the mormon message videos, youth videos, and bible videos, which I so enjoy. I hope my grandchildren take time to watch these with their parents as they would certainly help them to follow our Savior by making the choice to  courageously Stand in Holy Places at all times. I hope they are also participating in their classes by sharing their thoughts and feelings, because they will have something to say that will benefit themselves and quite possibly someone else as well. Oh how I love my grandchildren!!

The Doglow children in Senchi, who I have come to love and enjoy, lost their father this past Monday. Brother Ahiabor announced the passing of an elder son of an older member, but I did not understand that it was these dear children's father until later during primary. I have no idea what this means for these children and their future, but they will be in my prayers.

I think it is time to end a good Sabbath day. I am grateful for my blessings and find that in expressing gratitude, I discover even more to be thankful for (even in Africa).

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)

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Chad said...

I love the pictures. I was surprised at how bright and beautiful the clothing is of the people at the wedding. It was neat to see some that. The picture of the little boy on John L's lap is priceless. Thank you for sharing.