Sunday, November 24, 2013


Ghana does not celebrate Thanksgiving, yet we have a turkey somewhere close to us that gobbles almost constantly. How many of you have ever had that experience at Thanksgiving time? At first we laughed about it, but now it is beginning to be annoying. I hope someone eats that turkey very soon.

I think I am actually missing the cold weather everyone is having. It just doesn't feel like I want it to feel at this time of year. The stores are all decorated with Christmas, but it takes more than that to bring that feeling. Two Thanksgivings and two Christmas being away from loved ones is hard, but I am okay; just thinking of family and needed to express it.

We will be having a couples conference this coming Wednesday and Thursday. The Scovilles, Cosgraves, Judds, and us will be enjoying good food and good company. The couples have each been asked to take one hour and share their life's lessons. I could sum it up in just a few minutes saying I am still in the process of learning and wonder if I will ever 'get it'. 
Thursday afternoon we will go to the home of President and Sister Hill who are over the Ghana Accra West Mission that split from us in July. All the couples in the Area Office, Area Presidency, and both missions will be together for a Thanksgiving dinner. We are all contributing food for this and I need to find the time and energy to make my sweet potato casserole made out of butternut squash. I soooo miss the sweet potatoes from home but the squash is a good enough substitute. I have saved enough pecans that my family has sent me to put in the crumb topping.

I hope our November Liahona comes soon as I miss reading the talks as we travel to Senchi. I feel it helps the drive go faster and keeps me spiritually centered. The Branch has its struggles and my patience is low after today. It is still the problem of teachers not coming every week and I never know what to count on. I reminded the Primary President today that we need to have good reliable people in there but she doesn't know everyone as she should and I certainly don't know them.  Some of the strong ones that have recently joined the church have been called to serve the Young Women. It is the Lord's work, so somehow it will flourish in spite of our human weaknesses. 

I read a quote from James E. Faust that I have added to my list of ones to be repeated as often as needed (which is a lot). "Your criticism may be worse than the conduct you are trying to correct." (Mark 7:15-16)  The Lord's ways are the only way to true and lasting happiness, so why do we find them so hard to live (I'm sure I am not alone in this). I just keep reading the scriptures, strive to follow the council within them, and hope that there are times my life is pleasing unto the Lord.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please be safe in your travels. May the Lord bless you and your families with all the righteous desires of your hearts.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)

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Chad said...

I understand and empathize with your sentiments, and I absolutely love the quote. I am so grateful for the Spirit which inspires many individuals, including ourselves at times, to share marvelous truths that can build and strengthen our lives. We have so much to be grateful for. I feel Heavenly Father's and my Savior's love every day. It makes me stronger when I exercise patience and long-suffering in dealing with others. It's never easy, but I love how They continually help us to be better as we help and serve others. I love you guys so much.