Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sharing a tender moment

This past week was our transfer of 28 new missionaries. Not only do we get this wonderful new missionaries, but we had to say good-bye to 80+ missionaries who are now serving in the Ghana Accra West Mission. One of those missionaries, was our dear Elder Amumi of the Senchi Branch. I want to share a small portion of a thank you letter he wrote to Elder Avery and I so others may see what an intelligent, spiritual young man he is.
"The older I get, the less prone I am to believe in coincidence. I gladly and eagerly acknowledge  God's hand in all things, including the orchestration of events in our lives and the interlacing of our daily associations. I also believe He brings people into our lives and paths who can bless and enlighten us and I know that He brings us into contact with people whose acquaintance will, down the road, open the doors, dissolve barriers, and make straight the way according to the Lord's need. As I look more and more often into the eyes of other people, sensing their goodness, perceiving their commitment to God, and feeling those quiet profound impressions bearing witness to my soul, I have gained an expanding awareness that God knows us, loves us, and desires all of us, His children, to love others, respect and better understand each other. Far too often, other faiths allow doctrinal differences to differ us from fruitful conversation, enlightened discussion, and joined participation in a moral cause."
He then expresses appreciation to us for the time we served with him in Senchi. He asked that God would bless us and our family and our future. I will treasure the memories of this kind, gentle, giant of a man always. What he said about God's hand in all things and bringing people into our lives at just the right time to influence us for good, is what we all can relate too.

In reading this letter again, I was drawn to the blessing that was invoked on behalf of my family and future. If we could, we would leave our families a legacy of testimony that it might reach through the generations.This requires an understanding of how testimony is instilled in our hearts. Since it is the Holy Ghost who testifies of sacred truth, and we want to make that experience more likely for our families, we can teach some sacred truth. Then we can testify that we know what we have taught is true. And then we must act so that our actions can be seen conforming to what we said was true. The Holy Ghost will then confirm the truth of what we said. I recently read an account of a convert to the Church from Wales. He kept a journal, making a short entry nearly every day for 22 years. He didn't have much preaching in them, and he did not testify that Brigham Young was a prophet. He just records having answered "yes" every time the prophet called him on a mission from "over Jordan" to the Muddy mission, then on to a mission back to Wales. His few entries which record his testimony seem to appear when death took a child. His testimony seems more powerful because he offered it when his soul was tried. He prayed that the Lord would help him to endure faithful to his cause to the end of his days, that he would be worthy to receive his children back into the family circle, blessed and happy because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. He taught the truth. He testified that it was true. He lived consistent with his testimony and prayed that he would endure faithful until he could be united with his dear family.What a legacy of testimony he left for his family! I hope to do the same.

It was a long four weeks instructing Elder and Sister Wall for the new mission, but was good in many ways. We were able to work closely with a great couple who are so willing to serve the Lord, even in the challenges that a new mission brings.They were a great help on Wednesday when we greeted those 28 new missionaries. I guess that means we are now experts for when we welcome 27 in August and 29 in September. Actually, if I think about it too much, it makes my head 'swim'. We are getting missionaries for October now, 17 so far, and my focus next week will be getting their welcome letters ready for President Judd to sign and then mailed or emailed. The work continues to move forward, as I entered 59 baptisms last week.The days in the office are usually longer than I like, but now that I have expressed my desire to not complain about it, I am blessed to be able to get us supper when I get home, study the scriptures, and even get a load of laundry done when needed. I am grateful for a great companion who helps out so much.

I feel blessed to be in the service of the Lord. What can I say more.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom,grandma)

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Chad said...

Thank you for sharing that from Elder Amumi. He sounds like a fantastic person. It makes me marvel at the strength of his character and his ability to articulate what's in his heart at such a young age. Thanks also for sharing your personal feelings and desires, including those great sentiments over the brother from Wales. I have long felt the same thing for myself and my family. Everyday I strive to do my best, to learn a little more, to serve wherever possible, to love and encourage all I meet, etc., etc.. I feel Heavenly Father's support and love and encouragement to keep going and never give up. I feel Him expanding my mind and my heart and giving me greater capacity to comprehend, feel, and implement all that he wants me to do. Thanks again for writing such uplifting encouraging things. I love reading your blog. I love you and John L so much. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.