Sunday, July 7, 2013

A good week!

I have to say that it has been a good week. The days go by so fast that I don't have much time to think otherwise. I enjoy the missionaries with all their energy and enthusiasm for the teaching of the gospel, and marvel at their knowledge and boldness in declaring it wherever and to whomever. I have not seen or been told of a single incident where prejudice has played a part. I see young men from England, Samoa, Fiji, Philippines, New Zealand, America, Australia, and Africa serving together and united in the cause of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It really is a blessing to be experiencing this first hand. In taking the time to write about it, I see it much more clearly than if I just do it without much thought.

It is so good to see the growth in Senchi. It has been expressed to us that we have made the difference, but I do not look at it, even for the slightest moment, in that way. President Ampomah and Brother Ahiabor thought it a good idea to split the 6-11 year old children from the nursery age -5. We were given the young women's room next to us for the first hour of Primary. Then we all come together for the second hour for sharing Time and singing Time. Sister Duodu had her first time of teaching the little ones out of the nursery manual and I believe she has found her comfort zone. I praised her for the wonderful job she did and she beamed and said, "I am learning." She wants to continue teaching the little ones which is great. Sister Boateng taught the older children and I did sharing time and singing time. Next week I will teach the older children and do singing time, and she will do sharing time. I started to wonder if it would last because of past experiences and the slow start we have had. But I will not wonder and simply keep praying that we all will continue to magnify our callings. The children are what is important here and that must be our focus.

We had 3 adults and 5 youth baptized today. It was such a glorious sight to behold when I came into the chapel after primary and saw them all sitting there dressed in white (I forgot my camera). Two weeks ago, I spoke of a family we visited that had triplets and twins and he struggled with his worthiness to partake of the Sacrament. They were the ones baptized today along with two from the Kpong Branch. This branch did not have water today to fill the font, so they came a few miles down the road to Senchi and added to our joy. Elder Dayley, who replaced Elder Amumi, is a great missionary and it is interesting to have two white missionaries serving there and see the impact they are having in this choice part of the Lord's vineyard. The only ones I ever hear speak about color, are the Africans, which is quite interesting; It is not in a negative way but just that they are the ones to mention it.

We will get started on the third quarter of apartment inspections tomorrow. It will be nice, but short lived, to have not as many to inspect for awhile; Elder and Sister Scoville will arrive, back to finish serving their mission, on Wednesday of this week. I so admire their desire to come back, where it could have been so easy to stay in the States. I hope they are blessed to have no more medical problems. We look forward to having them back and so do the missionaries; We will be moving into the apartment next door as everything is ready enough to do so. It is good timing, as our water heater did not work this morning, so we were able to shower at the other apartment. With the weather being cooler, it would have been a very cold shower for sure. Thank goodness the couples have the luxury of hot water, as the young missionaries do not. This mission will prepare them in ways that will bless them their entire lives if they remain faithful and are obedient. 

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)

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Chad said...

I love your comments! I love the fact that you take the time to ponder. It's amazing what we can discover and really come to see when we take the time to ponder. I love your willingness and peaceful attitude. Although there are many other contributing factors in the progress of the Senchi Branch, you guys are making a difference, and together with those good people even greater things will happen. Nothing is impossible with the Lord, and we can expect great and marvelous things when we walk hand in hand with Him. I'm sure proud of you guys! You strengthen my faith and commitment with your examples. Thanks! Love ya, Chad