Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I knew Father's Day was in June but in my hurrying to get ready for the drive to Senchi, I did not tell my companion. It is a good thing he is understanding. I will make up for it by fixing him a broccoli omelet for supper. Now doesn't that sound like a way to make it all right. It is a good thing he is a good sport.

There is not a lot to share this week, as we have been so involved with training Elder and Sister Wall,  the office couple, for the new mission that will begin July 1st. I am so grateful that I came to our office with it fully functioning and just about everything I needed already on the computers. They do not have that, other than what they can copy from our files. I have taken time to start saving some of the documents in the Ghana Accra West Mission to help a little. We were able to get the address of their mission office from the executive secretary at the area office. As if a new mission was not challenging enough, they will be in a temporary office until who knows when. There temporary office is an apartment that will be convenient in some ways but not in many others. They are very positive and I know they will be a blessing to President Hill when he arrives July 29th.

We also had Elder and Sister Neilson arrive from Monroe Utah. They are member/leadership support missionaries and President Judd has assigned them to Asamankese. It is in the West mission boundaries, is approximately 3 hours away, and has some very bumpy roads.  They, Elder and Sister Wall, and President and Sister Judd have been in Asamankese this weekend at a district conference. We have been praying for the Neilsons as they were ready to head back home. Even though this is a hugh cultural adjustment, it is so worth it because the people become so special to us. We have all offered words of encouragement and I hope being in Asamankese and meeting the members, and the missionaries, will make the difference for them. An added challenge is that their apartment will not be ready to move in until Tuesday. Paul, Kwame, and others have worked late hours to get this ready. Volumes could be written on what it takes to have a growing mission operating as it should, and to think that 58 new missions are undergoing the same thing. With all the emails we have sent to Salt Lake requesting information, just imagine all of those 58 asking pretty much the same thing. It is all exciting and over-whelming at the same time, even for those at Church Headquarters.

We have two more couples coming to serve in our mission; Elder and Sister Cosgrave the 11th of August and Elder and Sister Pack the 22nd of September. The Packs are PEF/Self-Reliance missionaries and will be living in the apartment that we are now living in. The apartment next to us has become available and we will be moving into it so that improvements can be made on the one we have been living in. It needs to be treated for mold, termites, and other improvements. The Cosgraves will be serving as member/leadership support and will be a great blessing to one of our 'bush' areas. It is a great blessing that we are having these couple come as they add such a strength to a mission.

It was our Branch Conference today in Senchi. I did not know that the District Primary Presidency would be teaching primary and it would have been nice to know. Preparations made to teach is never wasted, so I just observed. I did do singing time and it was a good way to end the day in Senchi. I have been buying CTR rings to give to the children and they wear them so proudly. There is still a lot to do to have the Gospel In Action program going as well as the Sacrament Presentation program. I visited with the district presidency as they were asking me what they could teach in the district training meeting in July. I offered suggestions and they want me to show examples of what a Sacrament Presentation program would be. I reminded them that my first priority is the mission office, but I would do my best. There is such a delicate balance between their needing to be independent and helping them. I can be a bit over-zealous at times, so I want to be wise. Our dear Nelson and Cephas did so well in primary today. We knew it would just take a little time. I didn't see what happened at one point when Nelson starting his howling cry, but I just put my arm around him and spoke softly to him, and he quieted down. I think them having some food to eat helped a lot and we were glad to help their mom. We are encouraging her to pray about her future and what she needs to do to take care of her family and become self-reliant. I truly believe that this is possible for all of God's children if they are willing to put their talents to work. It is not easy, but definitely possible.

At the end of the day, I am weary but not discouraged, hungry but spiritually fed, challenged to stretch myself to become more yet willing to do so because of the love I feel from my Savior. His Atonement, when fully active in my life, is what gets me up each day to do it all again. Simply said, it just feels right.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)

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Chad said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I was in tears by the time I finished reading this post. It was as powerful a testimony as I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing. As I read I felt how amazing it is that simple things bring such great results–like the CTR rings or sprucing up their chapel, etc.. I can sure see the benefit of all you are doing, things that here I take for granted. But I won't anymore. Reading what others are dealing with helps me to be humble and oh so grateful. It's also exciting to hear about the new couples. I can now see even more why more are needed, and the variety of things they are needed to do. Knowing what I know now I will pray even harder that more will feel the need to go. I love you and am so proud of you guys.