Sunday, January 6, 2013

What will 2013 Bring?

As I think about the beginning of a new year, a song from the Sound of Music comes to mind. It is one that is not well known, but I have thought of it from time to time. "What will this day be like? I wonder; what will my future be? I wonder". Some of you might recall that it was when she was leaving the Abby to go care for the Von Trapp family and she was wondering what lay ahead for her. I suppose I wonder at times what the future holds and yet know, with certainity, that it is what I make it to be. Sometimes my attitude needs checking, as I let the 'demands' of office work, apartment inspections, etc., settle heavily on me. I came to the office this Sunday afternoon to blog and found things that needed immediate attention because we will be on the road early to do apartment inspections and don't know what time we will return. I believe I know what is in my heart even in these weak moments, and that is, that I am grateful to be here and in the Lord's service. As we often here from these dear people, "it will all work out", and I feel, with the Lord's help, it will.

We had another baptism yesterday that came from a referral I gave to Elder Gurr. I am impressed with this missionary, and although I have never sat in on a discussion with him, I feel he loves the people and wants to bring them to Christ. We seem him quite often, as his area is close to the Mission Office and his has a wonderful spirit about him. He is currently serving with a young ward missionary who is waiting for his mission call. Elder Tofah could not have a better companion, to learn from, than Elder Gurr, in preparation for his own mission. It is a delight to see them working together.

We thought we would be assigned to a Branch by now, but Pres. Judd is so busy that he hasn't been able to make that happen yet. So we still attend the Cantoments Ward 8:30 Sunday mornings and I still am playing the organ for Sacrament Meeting. It was a good Testimony meeting today and we feel the spirit of these members and their committment to the Lord's work. Some time I need to remember to write down some of the unique phrases they use when talking as I find it very interesting. I do have a small complaint about how they take care of the church, however. The Bishop and his Councilors are often seen sweeping and dusting on Sunday mornings. One of the members talked about members helping to clean when she spoke last week. Oh well, I guess there is not much I can to about it. Today we received our President's manuel for RS study and I have been enjoying my reading of the life of Lorenzo Snow. His very life bears testimony of the re-established Church of Jesus Christ and I am grateful to be learning about another prophet of the Lord.

I was going to insert some pictures, but the site is not cooperating tonight. Even Elder Asay, our computer-smart office elder, couldn't figure it all out. Oh well, there will be another time I am sure.

Well, morning will come early and we have supper still to eat. I made a big pot of healthy soup to give us more fiber in out diet, (yes it means what you are thinking) and it will feed us many a meal. I told my hubby he couldn't get tired of it because it is what it is.

With love,
Sister Avery


Tammy and Ryan said...

I just realized that my comments haven't been saving!!!

Tammy and Ryan said...

Looks like maybe I've figured it out! I guess I need to be smarter than my device. Anyway, I really have been enjoying reading about all your adventures and what you're going through I can only imagine how different and crazy it is on that other side of the world.

Tammy and Ryan said...

You talking about the sound of music brought back a whole lot of memories from my childhood and watching that movie with you. I really enjoyed Always watching that with you and I am still a lover of that musical to this day. Well, I'll tell you what 2013 is going to bring and that is a whole lot of busyness and craziness. The good thing about that is that it will fly by and I will be that much closer to being done with school. I think the most important thing to remember in our busyness is that we need to not be so busy that we forget to enjoy each day and each moment and each experience that we're in.
I hope you guys are having a blast. I love you