Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life is Good in Ghana!

While everyone at home is experiencing the beginning of winter, we are now heading into the hottest and most humid season of the year. But then, we haven't been here long enough to really know what is actually the most humid season and to be able to really notice a difference between them. However, life is good in Ghana.

A couple of blogs ago, I mentioned that President Judd had an experience of meeting a chief's son when he was attending to a missionary and his medical problem. He was able to finally meet with this Chief and many leaders of Tsito, in the Volta Region of the Mission. The meeting went well and the Tsito Branch will soon be organized with the support of the Chief and other leaders of the community. A copy of the Book of Mormon and a brief introduction of it, was presented to the Chief. President Judd wasn't sure if the chief felt the truth of his testimony, but he believes some of the Council of Elders felt the truth of his testimony. He gave these good men his business card and an invitation to join with us in this great work. President Judd said he felt the spirit testify of the words he spoke as he pronounced a blessing on the Chief, the other leaders, and the people of Tsito.

President Judd told the Missionaries, in his weekly letter, that some of them will be serving in Tsito in the months ahead and will be part of the fulfillment of that blessing. Others will have similar experiences with President Judd in the villages and cities north of Tsito and Ho. President Judd said he dreams about these places and the people who live in them. He can feel the influence of the ancestors of these people, from centuries past, who are in the spirit world and waiting for their work to be done. The restored gospel has never been in these areas and taking the Restoration to these people is our responsibility and privilege.

WOW! That is incredible for me to hear! I just put together the files and letters for five more missionaries this week; one from Kenya, one from Sierra Leone, and three from USA. This makes thirteen that I have personally received since I have been here and since President Monson was inspired to make the change in age for missionaries, and nine are from the USA. The missionaries already here are going to have a great responsibility to prepare for and teach these new Elders.  That great 'stone' that is spoken of in the scriptures, is rolling forth. Yes, life is good in Ghana.

Along with progress, there are always challenges and Elder Avery has plenty. Keeping up with the temporal problems that happen with missionary apartments, lost phone chips, dealing with the repair people who work for the mission, and a cities rules and regulations, really keep him busy. He had a experience where a man who owns an apartment come in to collect money for the water bill, when Joseph (works for the mission) said that we should wait until Paul (also works for the mission) comes in to verify it all. We later found out that we no longer rented this particular apartment and we felt blessed that we were guided to wait and hopefully people will learn to not take advantage of the Church. But life is still good in Ghana.

With love,
Sister Avery

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