Sunday, December 23, 2012


It sure is hard to not be doing the traditional baking or candy-making at this time of the year. I did make my hubby some chocolate no-bake cookies today which will be my present to him. When I get my eggs tomorrow I thought I would try a brownie recipe I found. I don't bake much as it heats up the apartment, that's why the no-bake cookies. The Ghanian chocolate is wonderful and is called Brown Gold. If the government didn't own it, the people could actually make money off it. The no-bake cookies reminds me of our son Nathan, as he use to make these because they were quick and he simply liked them. I didn't have room or weight to bring recipe books and with not all the same canned goods available, I do quite a bit of creating our food dishes. We are not going hungry anyway.

We just got word that our sweet Presli is in the hospital with a viral infection and needs a blood transfusion. Some of our other children have also had trials that are hard to bare. Emotions flood over me as I pray for faith to see the Lord's tender mercies inspite of the challenges. It sometimes takes much searching to see the blessings, and because of my weakness, I find myself coming up short. I must plead for strength for all us to "press forward with steadfastness in Christ and to have a perfect brightness of hope."

Paul, who is an employee that helps so much with missionaries apartments, will be baptizing his new bride on Christmas day at 7:30 am. We will attend this, spend time skyping with our children and enjoy a brunch with Pres.& Sis Judd, the office Elders Asay & Smith, and the APs' Elders Christenson, Boateng, Angelos, and Mawela. It should be a good day.

I have so many referrals that I need to be doing so I think I had better spend Wednesday (Ghana has a two day holiday) calling the missionaries. We actually have a referral of our own to give to the missionaries. His name is Peter and we are anxious to see if he is really interested or wants a hand-out. We have also given out a couple of Book of Mormons. All missionaries are also invited to the Ahadjie family home for dinner on Wednesday which ought to be interesting.

There has recently been a sign put up on the outside of the gate around the Temple that invites people to sign up for tours. Elder Gurr and Brother Tofah, a young ward missionary will do the tours. I am to be available to take the information on people inquiring about a tour. Eventually there will be a room in the Stake center that will be like a visitor center where people can get information, watch church videos, etc.

We finally got the November  Liahona and I have started reading it. We are getting these 18 year olds starting Feb 20 and April 3 so far. I even got one for May 15 so that will probably be the next transfer day. Because we are growing rapidly, it is predicted the the Ghana Accra Mission will be split possibly in July, making 4 missions in Ghana. We are starting to see the influence of the world more with some tatoos, saggy pants, and piercings. The missionaries are being instructed by President Judd to not waste time because the window is starting to narrow. This was once a great christian nation and is becoming more secularized. Elder Cook quoted a highly respected Baptist theologian who said,,"The spiritual immune system of an entire civilization has been wounded." C.S. Lewis was quoted as saying that Christianity tells people to repent and promises them forgiveness; but until people know and feel they need forgiveness, Christianity does not speak to them. He stated, "When you know you are sick, you will listen to othe doctor."

When we got home from church today there was a loud pounding noise just outside our kitchen, so Elder Avery went to see and it was Bubba and a women tenant making the traditional fufu. It was interesting to see the wooden bowl and stick they do this with. I am sure I will have the opportunity to try Banku, a stickly corn & cassava dough balls served with a soup usually, and red red, a mixture of beans and fried ripe plantain. I think that tapioca is made from the cassava plant.  It is a blessing that the Ghanians can grow year round here, so anyone who is willing to work should not go hungry. They may not have much in the material sense, but there is an abundance of food.

Pressing forward,
 Sister Avery


Chad said...

What an adventure you are having. I love reading your posts and hearing all about it. Your descriptions make me feel like I am right there. Thank you for taking the time to share. We love everything that you include. As for the adversities and challenges in our lives, I believe ours isn't to know why but simply to choose the Lord and make and learn the most of every situation we are faced with. You are doing great! I love you both very much.

teva said...

i LOVE reading your posts too! how neat that they can grow food year round. how sad that the influences of the world are starting to sneak in :o( you're right, gotta harvest them fast! i can email you recipes if you want me to look some up for you or send any that are in our family recipe book if you like. i hope you are planning on making us some of those fun foods when you return :o) we are going to drive halfway to denver tomorrow so help pray for our safety! love you so much!