Monday, September 30, 2013

Yesterday was a good but extra long day. By 2pm we left Senchi and took supplies, mail, and reimbursement to missionaries in Kpong, Akuse, Odumase, and, of course, Senchi. These areas are within a 10-15 mile radius of each other. We want to help these young men as much as we can, yet assist them in being self-reliant. It is interesting to see how differently each one of them experience their mission. There is no doubt that this probably is the greatest challenge they have had so far in their lives, but those that greet their work with a cheerful heart, are a great example to those who don't.
I have to say that the drive to Senchi is becoming as familiar now as our trips from Caliente to St. George. To describe the first one, however, would put the second one in the 'boring' category. I know I am going to thoroughly enjoy those trips to St. George from now on.

We skyped with Angela and Dave after we got back from Senchi and are excited that we will now have another grandchild. We will not be home in time for the birth of Ruth and Ben's baby girl, but we hope to be for Angela and Dave's baby. Our family is growing and we are excited for these babies to come.

Where else can I get phone calls from Switzerland than in Africa.  A young medical student is coming to Koforidua to do an internship and her father wanted to let someone in the church there know she is coming. He tried to reach the district president but the number would not go through. He just wanted her to have that contact to put his mind at ease. I was glad that we were in the office on Sunday to be able to take his call and I gave him Elder and Sister Scoville's number. They are the missionary couple serving in Koforidua and I believe Elder Scoville serves in the district presidency there. I look forward to hearing more about this from them.

President and Sister Judd went to Kpando this weekend to meet with what is called a Group. It is much smaller than a Branch and the Group had not yet been formally organized so they could have the Sacrament ordinance.The members were able to partake of the Sacrament for the first time and will now be able to every Sunday. Ho and Tsito are north of Senchi by about an hour, and Kpando is  farther north in the Volta Region. The Church is growing here and it takes a lot of work and organizing, but it is exciting to behold it happening.

The Ghana Accra West Mission (divided from us July1) has been holding an open house this month in all their chapels. About 90% of the referrals they have been getting are in our mission and I have not been able to keep up with all of them. Juliana, a delightful woman, is employed by the Church and helps Sister Judd at the Mission Home. Sister Judd has taught her to sew and she has made curtains for the missionary apartments. She already has wonderful cooking skills and is grateful to be developing so many more. Because of all these referrals, she also has been a blessing to me in making calls to the missionaries to help me get these names out so they can be contacted.

With 30 missionaries coming October 30th, we have to start yesterday in order to be ready. We will reach well our limit of missionaries by then, so I am grateful that the December transfer has only two missionaries coming. Speaking of December, I am looking to playing Christmas music while I work in the office. I just might start playing it any day now, which the Office Elders very much approved of.
 We sure enjoy the missionaries and so admire their dedication to the Lord's work. The love they have for the people of Africa shows in their desire to live in conditions when the light is off (no electricity), when the poly tank is empty and the water truck is late in coming, when the toilets don't function well, when cockroaches and ants threaten to take over their apartments, and the threat of malaria is ever present. We have really been blessed to not have much sickness with as many missionaries as we have. Sister Judd really stresses health issues with them and we keep encouraging them on the apartment cleaning. It takes all of us to do the Lord's work and willingly give our will to him. It is so special to see 'ebony and ivory' working side by side in bringing souls unto Christ. What a blessing!

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)

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Chad said...

Very well said! I rejoice in the things you share. It all sounds wonderful. And what an adventure you are having. :-) Driving to St. George will be so boring you'll want to go through the hills instead. :-)

That's so exciting about Angela and Dave. They will be great parents.