Sunday, September 15, 2013

I wonder if Sunday is the end of a good week or the beginning of a good week. I guess it doesn't really matter as long as it is thought of as good. This is not always easy here in Africa, but I also believe it is as easy as I make it. It truly was a good Sabbath day, for many reasons, but the best is because the children here just make it so. You would all love the children I guarantee it.
 They do throw tantrums though, so you would think you where right at home. (example) Our chapel at Senchi is in an area where people in the area need to pass close by the building to go to an area where they can get on the trotros when they want to travel. Today as I was playing the keyboard, a mother and her very young son were passing by and he was yelling at the top of his lungs and trying to hit his mom (sound familiar). She just kept walking and would look back at him with a big smile on her face and soon they were out of sight and hearing.

My companion and I traveled to Koforidua yesterday to take a dryer to Elder and Sister Scoville. We have been wanting to visit them and see the beautiful country there, and besides, it would really help Paul ,who is over-whelmed with getting the apartments ready for the new missionaries. The GPS always takes the shortest route, and because we had never been there before, we followed it faithfully. Well, we had an adventurous ride over a mountain road that I simply had to laugh about because I knew the Scovilles do not take that every time they come to Accra. We kept going and as we came down the other side of the mountain, we came to some farming areas and saw people in their homes. They probably will be telling the story amongst themselves for sometime about how these two obrunis' came down their mountain road. At one place, I saw a young boy up in a tree and caught his attention and waved as we passed. He had the biggest smile and waved back.
We did arrive at the Scovilles and thank goodness the cell phones had service. They took us to Boti Falls which was like we were right in a jungle. It was beautiful! We descended many stairs, to get to the Falls and came back the same way so we have very sore muscles.  We also went to another place that is called umbrella rock and what a view to behold from that rock. We took pictures on the Scoville's camera and they will bring them to us this week and put on our computer so I can share. There are various organizations that build simple schools and educate those who are willing to teach the children, as this was a very remote area where we were. I think my grandchildren would really appreciate the schools they have when they see the one we saw.
There were 3 young women from Germany and 1 from Nigeria, who were doing some medical internship, that we saw at both the Falls and the umbrella rock. They had hired a guide, as they walked from the Falls to umbrella rock, where we drove the truck. It rained off and on and so we offered them a ride part of the way back to town. They had to ride in the back of the truck except the young women from Nigeria sat next to me. We had a delightful visit about what we do as missionaries and she was amazed that all four of us had been married as long as we have. She wasn't interested in having the missionaries contact her when she returned to Nigeria to continue her studies, but maybe we 'planted a seed'.
Our trip back to Accra was certainly not the same way we went but we have to have an adventure once in awhile, so it was worth it.

This coming week we will send 5 missionaries home after two years of dedicated service. We will also welcome 27 missionaries to begin their service. It will be a busy week but is such a good way to spend a week.

I have had more unique experiences with emailing referrals to other missions. I have met Sister Langston who is serving in Canada(I forgot what mission), that was delighted to hear from a mission in Africa. We have emailed back and forth a little and shared information about our individual missions. I hope other couples will come to know that serving a mission may be hard at times,(especially being away from family), but there is just too many wonderful experiences that I don't think can be found in any other way.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)

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Chad said...

What an adventure you are having! I looked up Boti Falls and saw many different pictures of it and the surrounding area, including the Umbrella Rock. What beautiful country!

It's always exciting to hear about your missionary efforts as well. I believe we could all have missionary experiences every day if we would pray and live so that Heavenly Father could open the way for us to have them. I am also learning that they don't have to be full-blown missionary experiences, you know, where you ask somebody the Golden questions and they say yes I want to be baptized. :-) Like you said you did with the medical student you gave a ride, you planted a seed. We can do that every day if we are seeking it.

I'm glad you take the time to share with us. I love reading your blog. And I love you and John L very much.