Sunday, August 25, 2013

Importance of Journal writing!

I appreciate this opportunity to write a brief history of what has happened during the week.The ideal is to write every day and especially during my scripture study, so as to remember those feelings that come during that process. I did this regularly at home, but have yet to accomplish it here . The thought I really want to share is, that when I begin to write my thoughts and feelings about the week, I notice that my words come out differently than what I was feeling before I started to write. It is like I begin to look at things with more understanding and gratitude. I remember when my children were young, my Mother gave me a journal and encouraged me to write. I took her advice and found, that my words expressed blessings, rather than all the things that I thought had gone wrong. I received the strength to do it all again the next day, and it has been a blessing in my life ever since.

I so enjoy the talks that are given at the Priesthood session of General Conference and I just finished reading those today as we traveled to and from Senchi. I shed tears while reading President Monson's talk, which he entitled, Come, all ye sons of God. He spoke of a formula for success in missionary work which consisted of four things: Search the scriptures with diligence, plan our lives with purpose, teach the truth with testimony, and serve the Lord with love.We don't have to be on a full-time mission to apply these in our lives. He told of the time that a young man and his mother came into his office prior to the young man going on a mission to Australia.The father did not come that day. This family was dear friends of his and as the young man spoke of the love he had for his parents and his hope that somehow, and in some way, his father would be touched by the spirit and open his heart to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Elder Monson(as he was called then) prayed for inspiration concerning how such a desire might be fulfilled. The inspiration came and he said, "Serve the Lord with all your heart. Be obedient to your sacred calling. Each week write a letter to your parents, and on occasion, write to Dad personally, and let him know how much you love him, and tell him shy you're grateful to be his son."  The young missionary faithfully did this and as it was coming to the close of his mission, his mother told Elder Monson that her husband stood in testimony meeting and told everyone that he was going to be baptized and that he and his wife would travel to Australia at the conclusion of their son's mission and he would be his son's final baptism as a full-time missionary. This so touched me and it truly is the power of love and we should never underestimate it.

I was certainly surprised in Sacrament meeting today when all the primary leaders were released. But the biggest surprise(actually it was stronger emotions than that) was when no new leaders were sustained. I was going to talk to President Ampomah right after church and ask him how he thought that was going to help primary. Well, as usual, I was getting concerned about something that would be resolved, but required patience. Towards the end of the meeting, President Ampomah realized, or it was brought to his attention, that he had not sustained any new primary leaders. Sister Duodo was called as the president (she had been serving as a counselor and teaching the younger children), Sister Enu was called as first counselor and the other counselor was gone so I haven't met her yet. Sister Boateng was released as a counselor and called as a teacher and Sister Owusu was release as president and called as a teacher.  I may still be the teacher most of the time, as these two have rarely been there. But I must be positive and will find out for myself the impact of the power of love. I had the keyboard brought into primary today and we sang all the songs in our primary presentation. The children gathered around me as I played and they sang and it was delightful. I gave each of them and opportunity to play the keyboard a little and I think we may have some future piano players; Now if they only had the opportunity to learn. I wished there was a mission for only teaching piano (I guess it's possible), because it is not feasible with the responsibilities I already have. So often I am asked to teach a youth and even an adult and I am so sad to say that I can't. President and Sister Judd came to Senchi today and I always enjoy hearing them share their testimonies. We went visiting with Elder Royce and Elder Nash and had a special experience as they blessed the Sacrament while kneeling on a woven mat laid on a dirt floor.  A dear sister was ill today but desired to have the Sacrament brought to her. She was also given a Priesthood blessing. I am always humbled by these wonderful people. We also visited a young man who is investigating the church, and even though there was a lot of distractions, the missionaries taught with the spirit. My companion and I sat at one end of the bench as the middle sagged and would not hold any weight, and Elder Nash at the other end. We surprised Elder Nash when we both stood up at the same time and almost set him on the ground. We did not know that would happen but he reacted quick and caught himself. We all chuckled over that.

Well I probably haven't said all I wanted to remember about this day, but it is late and my dear companion will certainly want something to eat. I just want to confirm my feelings about journal writing because I feel much better now than when I first began.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom,grandma)

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Chad said...

Thank you for taking the time to write your feelings and thoughts. I know how busy you are, so it makes it extra special that you would take the time to share such good stuff. It's inspiring; it's encouraging; and I love reading every line of it. Thanks! I love you!