Sunday, August 4, 2013


I am counting my blessings tonight and will name a few: It has been reported to us that our grandson Davin Avery had a very special baptism with family from both sides supporting him; Our little darling Presli (she came to our family as a wonderful surprise 3 years ago) is celebrating her birthday today; Our son Nathan, who lives in Michigan, was sustained as a Bishop today; and, I have enjoyed seventeen wonderful missionaries for the ten months we have been here and am excited about their futures as they return home from serving an honorable mission this coming Tuesday.

My companion and I had a choice experience Friday evening as we attended the Temple to do Sealings. Elder Dube and Elder Vinson were assigned this last April Conference to the First and Second Quorum of the Seventy. Elder Dube was the Sealer and it was his first time in performing this wonderful ordinance. What a privilege it was to be there and see how quickly he learned under the guidance of Elder Vinson. I enjoyed reading about their lives in the May Liahona and recommend that it is worth reading to know these men. It is amazing how they joined the Church and then grew so quickly in leadership abilities. Elder Dube is from Zimbabwe and Elder Vinson is from Australia. The experiences we are having just continue to amaze me.

It was a good day in Senchi and I felt blessed that Sister Boateng came today. I struggle each Sunday morning, wondering if I will be alone and allow myself to be agitated that these children are not a priority to these women. The Sharing Time lesson was on prayer and I told the children that I pray that they will be able to understand me. I also told them that I always listen in Sacrament Meeting and other meetings even though I do not understand the language spoken, or the Ghanaian English. I told them that I feel what the speaker is saying even if I do not understand every word. I encouraged them to do the same with me and that the Holy Ghost will bless them to understand the wonderful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
When a young man named Victor bore his testimony today, he shared how he had applied for college and was not going to be accepted because of his religion. He was able to bring truth to the interviewer, because what he believed about the LDS Church was simply not true. He boldly spoke of it and all turned out to be in his favor, and Victor will start school soon. I had the opportunity to visit with Victor after the meetings today and praised him for what he did. Among other things, I encouraged him to start dating (he is 26) and find a good woman that will be willing do all she can to help him during this challenging time of going to school. The conversation included that the time of changing the whole 'bride price' needs to come because it is not the Lord's way. Families are essential to the Lord's plan and that needs to be as much a part of his future as the education. He is one I have to really listen to as he speaks so fast, but we understood each other and it was a delightful exchange.

Transfers will be Wednesday with 27 new missionaries coming and oh has it been a challenge for Paul as he works so hard to find apartments, and then the challenge of having them furnished with beds, etc. Elder Avery seems to be buying supplies every week so that the missionaries will have fans, wash buckets, phones, etc. It is interesting to see what he can get packed into our Honda Civic. The other day he had 15 fans and 4 irons and said he had room to spare. He is able to have opportunities to share with the merchants what these items are for and so there is a missionary experience often. The leasing of an apartment here has to be two years payment in advance and the owner or landlord has almost no responsibility for the upkeep on the apartments. It is so different from what is experienced in the States and has been a real challenge. To think that the money that is spent on our mission is being done all over the world, just boggles my mind. The Church really has come miles and miles since President Lorenzo Snow counseled the people to pay tithing. It is wonderful to be a part of all this. To see all of this first hand is a opportunity I am so grateful I accepted to do. It hasn't been easy, but it certainly has been blessing I would not want to have missed out on.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)

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Chad said...

How wonderful about Nathan! He really is a good man. I've always felt a good spirit about him.

I have also often thought about the blessings we enjoy because of all the faithful tithe-payers in the church. It's amazing how much can get done because we have the funds to do it. It is no small thing.

I love your testimony about your willingness to serve and sacrifice. I know that you are doing a great work there. I know that you are blessing many people, including your own family because of your faithful example. Keep up the good work! I love you so much. Chad