Sunday, April 7, 2013

We survived the week!

With 8 departing missionaries on Tuesday and 21 new missionaries on Wednesday, plus everything else that seems to happen, we have been busy. However, it is always a great experience, and with the Lord strengthening and blessing us, there is always a way to accomplish His work. I pray for these new missionaries that they will have loving, encouraging trainers and will adjust quickly to the cultural changes that are so evident here. At this same time, we had a missionary choose to go home after only being here a short time. I felt for him as he saw the new missionaries come and I knew that he had had that faith and desire to serve at first, but struggled to retain it. I know that he can serve and be a great contributor to building the Lord's kingdom in his home land of Australia.

We were privileged to watch the Saturday morning session of General Conference (at 4pm) and this morning's session after we returned from Senchi. What a delight to hear about a Temple to be built in Cedar City, Utah. My sister had told me that she was told that this might happen, so it was exciting to hear it announced. I have so enjoyed listening to the wonderful messages and am grateful, once again, for technology that brings this to us from so far away. In that opening session of Conference, I felt the Spirit confirm to me, as it has many times, that the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth and is flourishing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We only visited one family after church today, so we drove a little farther up the road to enjoy the scenery surrounding the Volta River. This area is such a contrast to Accra where we live. I hope we will create the opportunity to see more of this area, as there is probably so much more to see than what we see from the road. There is a lot of farms in this area, although they are not visible from the road, and the mango trees are every where. The following are pictures I took today.

 We have heard from Elder and Sister Wall, who are the office couple missionaries for the new Ghana Accra West Mission that will be opened on July 1st. They will be here on June 1st to train with us and they are going to have a grand experience. We will have the largest transfer we have ever had on June 26th of 27 new missionaries. I am excited to learn more about this couple as I am sure they have had much service experience to be a part of opening a brand new mission.

Well, tomorrow is apartment inspections and I still need to put together a few more meals tonight for us to eat this next week for our lunches. I would like to listen to the last session of conference also, so I will see if I can stay awake to hear it all.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)

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Chad said...

I totally concur with your feelings about conference and love your testimony of the restored gospel. Thank you for sharing that. I marvel about all that is on your plates as you deal with all of these transfers, etc., etc.. I ached for the young missionary going home even though I don't even know him. It made me think of my Matthew. Again, I love the pictures. I love water and greenery. Life is good and the gospel is true: what else matters! :-)