Sunday, April 14, 2013

Growing Pains!

Our Mission is growing and with it comes all the challenges of finding more apartments, supplying them, and then there is that many more to inspect, make apartment awards for, and take care of water, plumbing and electrical problems, etc. This growth is a wonderful thing (as I listened to the report at conference) and we have been blessed to meet the challenges. However, I do look forward to the Ghana Accra West Mission being in place so we will have some relief. I am enjoying the work, don't get me wrong, yet in order for missions to be as effective as they need to be, changes have to take place. The Brethern know that and are being guided by the Spirit all the time.

While I am on that subject, I noticed Sisters giving prayers in Conference and so I share the following information that has just been given to us. "The Lord's Church is governed through councils at every level. Full expression from all participants, elders and sisters, in a monthly mission leadership council will replace zone leader council (only the elders attended). Sister training leaders (a new title) are to participate in the council setting, unifying the efforts of both male and female council members." President Judd had been thinking of this very thing and discussing it with his assistants at about the same time the directive came to us. I just think it is wonderful how "in tune" our leaders are. I apologize for the casual way that sounds, but it is hard to put some spiritual happenings into words, especially after a long, long day.

I have the privilege, and I say that kind of "tongue in cheek", to keep a mission history. Even though challenging, it has it's rewards. Every time a missionary goes home, I ask them to write one of their mission conversion stories for the history. In order to email them to me, they have to go to an internet cafe to do so and it doesn't always work out for them. I then ask them to hand write them and I will type them in. I have so enjoyed, even with the unusual way they have of formatting their words, reading these special conversion stories. It would take a long time to share, so let me just say that, "a marvelous work has begun to come forth, among all the children of men, and ye that are called to this work, serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength." I paraphrased that somewhat, but that is what I feel as I read these conversion stories.

We attended the temple on Friday and we are the ones who had to wear the headsets. The session was in French, as it was scheduled for a bus load of patrons from the Ivory Coast. The session was very full and so by the time I got a headset, it was just a one ear piece headset, so I listened to English in my right ear, and heard French in my left. Elder Avery heard the whole thing in French because his did not work at all. One is never disappointed because just being in the temple is enough. Elder Wylie and Elder Mason called us on Saturday and needed some things from the office. They had just been to the temple with people from their ward who were doing baptisms for the dead. They had a very recent convert that was able to do baptisms and they were so excited for this convert to have had this experience so soon. What joy the gospel brings when it is embraced fully.

I had an unpleasant experience on Saturday when I found the only dip in the sidewalk ( ha ha,there are dips everywhere) and twisted my ankle real good. I had a bottle of frozen water in our cooler that I put on it until I could get home to do more. I have not been in pain and was able to fulfill my responsibilities in Senchi today. It is one swollen ankle, though, and I will be glad to go to bed after being up all day on it.

Primary was good today, as I did not have to do it all. Sister Boateng taught the lesson on the Word of Wisdom, and I did Singing and Sharing time. Sister Owusu is back from her trip and will contribute on the next primary day. Now I just need to get Sister Dowodu coming regularly and I will only have to do Singing time; I can only hope. We had two of the District Primary Presidency visit today and I thought it went well. They were delighted to learn the tune of, "For health and strength and daily food, we praise thy name of Lord." After primary, I showed them how it can be done in a round and they thought that was great. I so enjoy the children and am trying to show these good teachers that they do not have to be so gruff with the children, as they are, after all, children. The language still requires me to explain myself more but I know I will see progress.

After meetings today, we went and visited Brother and Sister Adjei. Their conversion was unique, so I want to share it as briefly as I can. In 1982, he was hired by the Ghana Water Department and had to go to Germany for 17 months for training. This is where he found the Church, or it found him, and was baptized. After returning home, he was welcomed by his family and friends and the beer was brought out. He refused it kindly and this is where the conversion of his family started. The process of finding a church meeting to attend was long and tedious, but he persisted and finally found out about a branch in Tema. Tema is quite a distance from Kpong, but he attended every Sunday. In time, he was blessed to be instrumental in organizing a branch in Kpong of which he served as a branch president. They have three children who have all served missions. In fact, a daughter and son were attending school at BYU when they were called on their missions and served in the US. The other son served in Ghana Accra. He and his wife are a strength to the Senchi branch and are admired by all. Sister Adjei served us lunch today of rice and a delicious shrimp stew with shrimp caught from the Volta River that I had on my blog last week. It was a good day!

I think I will go to bed early tonight as we have apartment inspections tomorrow and I really need to rest my ankle. Hope all is well with all of you.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom, grandma)


Ryan Avery said...

Hello mom! Sure is Good to read your posts, sorry that I don't comment all the time but I certainly do enjoy reading them. When school is over ill certainly have more time. I love you! Keep sharing your adventures.

Chad said...

I felt the Spirit bearing witness to me of everything you shared and bore witness of. You commented about our leaders living close to the Spirit and being guided, and I agree wholeheartedly. But I'm also grateful that you guys are living close to the Spirit and being prompted to do something as simple as teaching the tune of a Primary song or how a "round" is musically performed. Thanks! I love feeling the sweet promptings of the Spirit. And I love you guys!