Sunday, March 24, 2013

We love those baptisms!

This picture is in front of the Senchi Branch Church. Left is: Elder Amumi, Ceasar, Elder Nyarko, and Prosper. Prosper is 19 years old and was baptized today by Ceasar. Emmanuel Ofori was also baptized but he left before I could get his picture. Brother Ofori was who I spoke of last week when we visited him and his wife Angela. Most of the branch stays to the baptisms, so they are very supportive.

We had the privilege of delivering Ceasar his mission call, which he has been waiting for quite some time. He was called to Nigeria Enugu Mission and leaves in 2 months. Elder Nyarko said Ceasar was somewhat disappointed in the call, so we all encouraged him that all would be well. Ceasar is quite timid and because of some civil unrest that takes place at times in Nigeria, he could be reluctant because of this.

 Elder Beaufeaux and Elder Bichanga, who live in the mission office compound, came in the office all excited about their baptism. Their area includes a section where many Chinese people live, and they had the privilege of baptizing Wang Ziu Ping, also know as Susie. It was fun entering in her baptism record and seeing all those delightful Chinese names. When the Elders asked about the birth dates of her parents, she knew them without hesitation. The Chinese are very diligent in keeping records and can trace their lineage very easily. Her husband is slowly coming around and their son Jason was baptized yesterday. I don't know his Chinese name but will when I enter his baptism record. Wonderful , wonderful!!

Trying to get smiles out of this primary children was like pulling teeth. I guess they don't get their picture taken very often. There were quite a few more that came after the picture was taken. I am trying so hard to put names to faces, and because of similarities in features, I find some harder than others. Some of the names are: Emmanuel, Charity, Princilla, Comfort, Unice, Erica, Akpene, Justice, Faith, Belinda, Emefa, Jennifer, Matilda, Gerald, John, Millicent, and many others. They are very warm and loving children. This is the only classroom that we have to meet in and the lesson and sharing time are all taught here. Oh how we should be a grateful people!

 When the Elders told us that there was about twenty baptism certificates that had not been given out, because the branch president did not have a computer monitor that worked, we were able to contact those responsible for the branches and districts and got them a monitor. Today in Sacrament Meeting, the baptism certificates were given out, and many of those were to primary age and the youth.

After the baptisms after church, we went to visit two more families with Elder Amumi and Elder Nyarko (it was his birthday today). John was one of the first to be baptized in Senchi back in 2000, making him a member for thirteen years. He has become less active over the years and we were happy to be a part of asking him and his family to come back to strengthen the branch. He and Elder Avery share the same name (minus the L), and the same month of birth, and the same 66 years of age. It was fun to talk about this and it seemed to please John. The father of the next family is a much older and has been blind for many years. He cannot come to church if his grandchildren do not walk him there. He has a desire to be endowed in the temple and was concerned about having the help he needs to do that, so we talked of how we can arrange with the temple workers for that and, if need be, Elder Avery could assist. It was interesting how all of this was communicated; Elder Nyarko asking the wife in Twi (another dialect), and then she talking with her husband in Ewe, and then back to Elder Nyarko in Twi. Again I speak of the humble circumstances these dear people live in, and I have to really work on myself to not be discouraged by it all.

One last picture for all the baboon lovers. There were not many out this morning, at least not the younger ones. Most of the others went into the trees except this one who seemed to want to have his picture taken today.

I found this picture in the files on the computer, which must have been taken when we first arrived in Ghana. We didn't know then what we were in for, but we are still smiling (most of the time).

With love,
Sister Avery (mom & grandma)

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Chad said...

I love the pictures. They speak a million words even if you can't get the kids to smile. :-) How wonderful about the baptisms and mission calls. I am really impressed with what you are doing in the Senchi Branch. I can sure feel the Spirit every time you talk about it.