Friday, November 9, 2012

Transfer Week

Five departing and six arriving missionaries, as well as an office full of missionaries transfering within the mission, and we made it with flying colors. It takes a lot of team work to make all of that happen and it is most exciting to see the Lord's work moving forward. (Inspite of how the election turned out) Next month we will have three missionaries departing and twelve arriving, so I am glad we had it a little easier our first time around. (four are from the USA, four from Nigeria, two from New Zealand, one from the UK, and one from Fiji.) I think it will only continue to increase.

I was privileged to attend the temple with the departing missionaries on Tuesday. I had a wonderful surprise, when Sister Dalton, YW General President, and Sister Burton, RS General President were in that session also. They have been visiting West Africa and their flight got cancelled to Sierra Leone, so they went to the temple. They were such personable women and I felt such an over-whelming feeling for the love they and the Lord has for the women of His church.

We had our first missionary apartment inspections on Monday and what an experience. We did just four apartments but there were seven companionships as three apartments has four missionaries in them. These young men  and women are incredible! They have no hot water tanks, and they wash their clothes in buckets by hand and hang their clothes, bedding, and mosquito nets to dry. Some have cement floors and some are lucky to have tiled floors. They never complain and they are sharing the gospel like crazy. I entered 30 baptisms this week and 50 last week. Anyway, we have 30 apartments to inspect in a quarter and how we get to these places is an adventure all of its own. Indescrible!!

I will continually be amazed at how the women, occasionally men, carry what they do on their heads. I hope some day to get a picture as it is really special to see. When we go to an outdoor market for our fruit and vegies, there is this cute baby on his mother's back as she works in the market. He just watches everyone from his perfect perch.Occasionally she, and other mothers too, stop and nurse their babies and they do it very openly. It's quite precious really.

Last Sunday we watched a session of General Conference for our meetings a they receive a DVD to show to their members. Sure made me even more grateful for the blessings I have had in my life to watch it all so conveniently. I was impressed with how attentive the people were, and even the older children. The sound wasn't very loud, and we have to have windows open and fans going, as there is no air conditioning, but they were listening and gave very audible amens. Good experience! I am anxious to get the Liahona (that will be our magazine) to read all the talks again.

Well it has been a good, but busy week. We plan on getting some exercise this weekend as we have sat way to much. We walk within the temple grounds as we feel safer there when we walk at night.

With love,
The Averys

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teva said...

it's amazing how different things are over there. i'm always fascinated to hear about even little differences. helps me remember not to take things for granted. love you two!