Sunday, March 16, 2014

When I think back on the week and what has taken place, I wonder how two semi-old missionaries experienced all that. The Lord really does make us more than we can ever be on our own, because we simply could not do it on our strength alone. We pray for President and Sister Judd all the time because we see more of what they do than anyone and what we see is only a fraction of what they actually do. The missionaries in this mission have been loved, encouraged, prayed for, and at times chastened, but always with hope that they will choose to be obedient. I have learned so much from this couple who never show how tired I know they must be because of what their calling entails. Personal interviews with all the missionaries is the focus this month and they travel to most of the areas rather than have the missionaries come into Accra. When they went to Ho, they had the experience of waiting in line to cross the Volta River on a ferry. The bridge is being torn down and rebuilt, so everyone must take the ferry, probably for a couple of years. Anyway, tender mercies happened for them so that their wait was not nearly what it could have been.

I had an experience this past week assisting Sister Adjei from Senchi, in helping with emailing a Senator in the States who works in immigration. She was trying to get a visa to go to her daughter's graduation from BYU and her son's marriage in the Salt Lake Temple and her first request had been denied. She was trying to go further in her visa request and so my help was needed because I could email the documents from our equipment. I was so sad when I learned that her second interview was also denied. I saw her today and gave her a hug and as I expressed my sympathy, she said that she was at peace with it all and had been able to speak with her children on the phone. She is a District Relief Society President in the Senchi area and does a great job.

The Oduamse Elders called me and needed us to stop on our way from Senchi today to get their baptismal records. They had a unusual request regarding one particular convert just confirmed today. She was wanting to apply for the education program sponsored by BYU Idaho called Pathway. They are taught through internet classes and have to have their member record number on their application. The deadline for the application is tomorrow and I was asked if a record number could be acquired for her. The first thing I did when we returned from Senchi to the office to write our letters, was to entered her record and submit it. This process allowed for the records I submitted on Friday to show on the computer with record numbers. Because they had two baptisms this week (thank goodness), I entered the second baptism and submitted it which allowed her member record number to show on the computer. I then text the number to the missionaries and hopefully this young woman will be accepted to the program so she can begin her education.

After we left Kpong where we met the Odumase Elders, we drove up to Akuse to take the missionaries there an iron. After that we started looking for a road that we were told would go through Dodowa and would bypass some of our least favorite areas when we go to Senchi. We did find it and except for a few more potholes than we hoped for, it was a much more pleasant drive. We even had one less toll booth so that was a plus also.

Elder and Sister Crisp are enjoying the MTC and will arrive March 25th. We made arrangements for us to stay in the Anchillary building (housing for people who travel to attend the temple as well as some of the couples who serve from the Area Office), so they could get settled in the apartment. We have been starting to pack, which seems a little weird but good at the same time. We will then spend two weeks with them and it will be a great experience to see them learn and carry on without even a 'hick-up' in the process. That is the way it should be and it is marvelous how this goes on throughout the world in missionary service. We have been so impressed with them, with the little bit of emailing we have done, and we are excited to meet them in person. She is willing to keep teaching Linda the piano of which I am grateful.

Well, I am very hungry and the paint smell from our newly painted office (hooray) and an empty stomach is not a good combination. I am grateful for another safe and good Sabbath Day.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom,grandma)

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Chad said...

I love that you share such positive, spiritual stuff. It brightens my day and lifts my spirit. Thank you! And thank you for your sacrifice and Willingness to do so many wonderful things for so many good people. I know Heavenly Father is pleased with you and your sweetheart. I know that you have done a great work. I am so very proud of you both. I am a better person because of watching what you are doing and trying to emulate your example. Thank you!