Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our weekend was spent differently this time. We usually clean, shop for groceries, and I spend a good part of the afternoon cooking some meals to take for our lunches during the coming week. There was to be training on the youth "Come Follow Me" program, to held in Kpong on Saturday. Kpong is only a short distance from Senchi, so it was our very familiar road trip again. Elder and Sister Call have recently arrived in Ghana, and there responsibility, among many, is to train the various wards and branches on this program. I sat in the hallway reading from the Liahona, but could hear and see most of the training. My companion was in a branch presidency training while all of this was taking place. It was delightful to see one of the missionaries serving in Kpong on the video segment the Calls' showed; this must have taken place before his mission.
Today, the Calls' visited Senchi Branch to observe the teaching of those who attended the training. Elder Avery said that Patrick did 100% better, and the youth participated more than they every have.
Elder and Sister Call were asked to share their testimony in Sacrament Meeting and their message was on the Book of Mormon. They had been in Ho on Friday doing the same training and Sister Call shared a great experience. They came in contact with the missionaries as they were on their way to an appointment and pulled over to say hi. These missionaries introduced a man that was with them who had just recently started investigating the church. His story is unique and starts with his attending the Accra Temple open house before it was dedicated. I think that was in 2003 or close to that. He received a Book of Mormon at the open house and when returning home, starting to read it. He found it difficult because of the small writing and took it to a copier and had it made into a large copy (sounded like the size of those old family bibles some of us have seen). That had to cost him a small fortune. When he read in it that the Church would be called the Church of Christ, he found a church by that name, but they did not have the Book of Mormon, so he started his search again. The missionaries did not know how they came about getting this man's name, but when they contacted him, he knew his search was over and is excited about becoming a member after so long a time. He had even been sharing the message with others, so there will probably be more baptisms because of this. I love seeing the Lord's hand in the lives of others and how they are being prepared to receive this wonderful gospel message.

Two weeks ago I wrote about President and Sister Judd's visit to Kpando where they spent Sunday with a 'Group' of Saints there. October 7th, President Judd received an email from the Brethren requesting him to formally organize a unit of the Church in Kpando. It is a goal the Mission has had for 2 years, and was an answer to prayers and hard work. I do not understand the process of it all, but I am sure we will have missionaries there in the near future. Other areas to open in the future include Mamfe (where Elder Avery and I took a unplanned mountain road trip a month or so ago), which is in the mountains between Accra and Koforidua, and HoHoe, which is north of Kpando.

The Primary Sacrament Meeting practice went very well today. I am so proud of the children and the leaders. Sister Boateng was there to lead the children in the music and I think she had a positive experience that will build her confidence for the future. These children are simply choice spirits and I certainly feel it and am grateful for the opportunity. Because some of the children were not there, I had other children say a second part. On the 27th, when we do our program, who knows what changes we will still have to make, but it will all be just fine.

One of our missionaries, that was coming in October, is from Angola. It is a Portuguese speaking country and we just received notice that he is going to the Provo MTC and won't arrive until the December transfer. I am assuming he needs to learn English, as his Missionary recommendation was in that language. Also for October, we will have 2 sisters and 1 elder from Cote d' Ivoire and their recommendations were in French but I think they know at least some English. We also have 2 sisters from Fiji, 3 from South Africa, 2 from Uganda, 3 from Nigeria, and 16 from the USA. What an interesting mixture of missionaries coming and what a blessing they will be.

There is a wonderful article in the September Liahona (Ensign) magazine written by Brad Wilcox on Grace. He writes, so it is very understandable, by comparing grace to taking piano lessons. I think this would be a great family home evening lesson for my grandchildren as most of them have had piano lessons. It is a principle that is very important for all of us to have a greater understanding of. I learn and gain greater understanding of our Savior's Gospel every day. Some days I have to strive more diligently to have an open heart to be receptive to the teachings of the Spirit, but I am always rewarded with greater understanding. I have listened to a few of the Conference talks when I have had a moment now and then. You know, we are such a blessed people to have this every 6 months. I really enjoyed Elder Holland's talk on mental illness as well as others I have listened too.

Our Eden celebrated her third Birthday, Ethan's team just won the Soccer championship and there was a nice article in their local newspaper, Cooper loves Pre-School, and I am sure many more things about my dear family.

Well, as the hymn says, the day is over, night has drawn nigh, and the shadows of the evening have long left this part of the sky.

With love,
Sister Avery (mom,grandma)

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Chad said...

I also marvel at how people are brought to a knowledge of the gospel and of the Church. For some it is such a journey, but I marvel that all will eventually have the opportunity to hear and learn about it. Like you, I am thoroughly enjoying the talks from Conference. I'm glad that you are gradually getting to listen to or read all of them. It was quite the spiritual feast. As is reading the Ensign each month. Brother Wilcox's article about Grace was absolutely marvelous. I feel like I need to reread it over and over again to remember this marvelous principle. I also enjoyed the little tidbits of news about your grandchildren. I love hearing that kind of stuff. I love you!