Monday, October 8, 2012

We have finished our first week at the MTC and it has been great! This has been the largest group of Senior Missionaries that they have ever had and we feel privileged to be a part of it. It is hard to put into words what we experience here. I am especially impressed with these young teachers and the special spirit they bring to our training.

 We have 7 couples and 1 single sister that will be serving in an office and 3 of those, including us, will be serving in Africa. I tried to download some pictures but wasn't successful, so I will see if our young computer teachers can help me during a break tomorrow. 

I so enjoyed General Conference! We were able to watch it with our daughter Angela and new son-in-law Dave, which was a bonus. Wasn't that wonderful news about the age of missionaries being lowered and  then 2 more temples announced. Tuscon is my birthplace, so that just made it even more special.

Well, it is late and getting ready for an 8 am class, especially the fact that it is a computer class, means I need to get some sleep. In fact, Elder Avery is zonked out waiting for me to get done with the computer. 

With love,
The Averys

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Melanie said...

We are going to love reading everything about your mission. We remember the MTC with fondness and expecially all of those wonderful young teachers. We hope you can put pictures on too. Have a wonderful week!